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Price list
of services

In the kindergarten Medená  there is a monthly fee for babysitting and care for children over 2 years € 440 including VAT.

The kindergarten Medená has a one-off enrollment fee, which is 200 € including VAT.

The enrollment fee is payable upon signing the contract within 5 working days (by transfer to the kindergarten account or in cash at the kindergarten headquarters secretariat)

In case of vacancy, the kindergarten Medená provides care on selected days, while the day care allowance is € 50 including VAT.

In the case of vacancy, the kindergarten Medená provides half-day care, with the monthly childcare fee amounting to 70% of the total amount of the fee, including VAT.

Kindergarten Medená provides childcare in the evening and on weekends, with a care fee of € 20 including VAT.

The food unit in the kindergarten Medená is 5 € including VAT.

The child care fee is paid in advance for the whole month, but no later than the first day of the month by transfer to account number 320 8814 859/0200 or in cash at the secretariat, with the variable symbol to be assigned to you when signing the contract.

Paid days are not replaced or transferred from one month to another.

The fee is reduced only in the case of long-term absence (continuous 10 working days) of 15%.

We have opened a new private sports school with a use of  English and German.


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